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About Citadel Analytics

Citadel Analytics, like many tech startups, has very humble beginnings here in Dallas, Texas. 

Several years ago our CEO and Founder, Ryan Fontaine, was involved in a horrific car crash. Being ever the optimist Ryan decided to try to make the best of a very bad situation. While enduring several surgeries and nearly 3 years of physical therapy he noticed a common problem with nearly every Insurance company, Hospital, Outpatient Clinic, and Doctors office - no one was using their data to share information and try to get a better outcome. In Industry terms - all the data was sitting in silos. All of this data was nothing more than untapped potential and hidden/missed opportunities.

After seeing this, Ryan (who already had an extensive IT background) studied Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data while recovering. Spending every waking hour not in physical therapy or at a doctors office learning, testing, and improving AI and Big Data models. After his recovery, Ryan founded Citadel Analytics and started on the journey to help businesses everywhere unlock the power and potential of their data. 

Starting in the Digital Marketing field, Citadel Analytics developed several A.I. Platforms to dramatically increase the conversion rates of Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and several other Social Media platforms. On average, Citadel's clients saw an increase of over 124% on conversions and a big jump in repeat customers as the conversions were of much higher quality. 

Since these humble beginnings Citadel Analytics has now grown to 18 employees and has clients in multiple countries around the globe.

In late 2018, Citadel Analytics started a partnership with Raging Wire Data Centers and NTT Communications to power our AI Platform. Along with other strategic partners we want to continue to offer the best Smart Data and AI Solutions to businesses in nearly every industry.

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