Manufacturing A.I. Solutions

Powering The Future Of Manufacturing

Providing Manufacturing Companies With A Strategic Competitive Advantage

Manufacturers can immensely benefit from Artificial Intelligence. There are many practical and deployable AI Solutions in a Smart Factory environment. From Line Management to Production Supervision and Optimization to Quality Control and Demand Prediction, there are many high impact use cases for A.I. Solutions.

At Citadel Analytics we use advanced analytics combined with deep learning insights (provided by our Artificial Intelligence Algorithms) to give your manufacturing operation an extensive competitive advantage.

The future of manufacturing will belong to those that are flexible and adaptable. Come see how Citadel Analytics' AI Solutions can drive growth, margins, and ROI for your manufacturing operations.

Predictive Maintenance

There are few things more costly than unexpected downtime. It is incredibly costly to your business and stressful to you and your employees. With Predictive Maintenance will be able to spot problems before they happen and reduce down time by an average of 63.8%. You will also be able to optimize spare part inventory to increase efficiency and reduce costs even further.

Demand-Driven Assembly

Overestimating or underestimating demand results in lost revenues - either in lost sales or excess inventory. Imagine being able to know what your customers are thinking in real-time. Imagine being able to more accurately predict demand and measure demand cycles. By providing our clients with intelligent demand solutions we can help you increase your margins, ROI, and reduce inventory write downs and losses.

Automated Quality Control

By using powerful Computer Vision AI algorithms we can help automate quality control and triage problems before they grow too large. Better monitoring and adaptive control can allow you to increase the productivity of a single machine, and likewise better overall system monitoring and planning can allow the overall system to product more product on the same number of machines.

Adaptive Manufacturing

Robotics are essential to modern manufacturing. What if your robots could learn more than one task? What if they could do multiple tasks with precision? Artificial Intelligence can help you increase efficiency of assembly while reducing costs.

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