Cyber Security - Powered By A.I.

Using Intelligent Security Solutions To Protect Your Data

Data Security In A Dangerous Age

The world and the business world have never been more connected. The Internet and private computer networks have changed the way the world operates. 

However, with these astonishing advances in communication have come a staggering array of threats to your business. From hackers to malware and viruses - there is no shortage of digital dangers.

Do not despair! All hope is not lost.

With Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics we are developing cutting edge security systems and solutions for your data. 

Our AI systems are able to monitor, analyze, and eliminate threats on your network and to your business in real time. All without slowing down your business.

How We Can Help Your Business With Cyber Security

Real-Time Monitoring

Citadel Analytics CSAI Engine monitors your network in real time. As the CSAI engine is monitoring your network it is learning what traffic is valid, what is questionable, and what is malicious. Each time the CSAI engine is improving its own performance and as it gets better and better your network gets more secure.

Anomaly Detection

The CSAI engine also has an advanced anomaly detection function. By analyzing known data sets and comparing it with the data sets from your own network we can reduce the amount of "false alerts" that are prevalent in today's Cyber Security world. Reducing false alerts is critical to proper resource management.

User Behavior Risk

The biggest risk to any network is always User Behavior. Downloading attachments, clicking malicious links, etc can cause major problems for any company. By monitoring each users behavior patterns and building a profile for each user we can better secure your network.

Predictive Security

By using the CSAI Engine your company can gain a significant edge in data security. Combining real time monitoring, advanced data analytics, powerful user behavior profiles we can build you a very tough Cyber Security Fortress that can predict threats BEFORE they become a problem.

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