A.I. Solutions For Transportation and Logistics

Using Intelligent Data Solutions To Transform Operations

Gain A Competitive Edge

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are revolutionizing many industries and will continue to do so for decades to come.

However, the Transportation Industry is uniquely suited to benefit from these transformative technologies. By combining the vast data already collected and stored by Logistics and Transport companies with the analytical power of Artificial Intelligence you can gain valuable deep insights into nearly any operation. 

By being able to collect, analyze, and action on data in real-time you can create a highly efficient and flexible operation.

Artificial Intelligence can benefit a Transportation and Logistics company in many ways - here are some of our deployed examples:

Predictive Maintenance

With our AI Solutions for Predictive Maintenance you greatly reduce downtime, repair costs, and save yourself a considerable amount of stress. Our Predictive Maintenance solutions can reduce downtime by 70% and reduce repair costs by 30%. These savings go straight to your bottom line.

Real-Time Decisions

The Citadel Decision Management Engine uses your data to increase efficiency by making sure the right equipment and assets are being utilized. Our Decision Management Engine also monitors for ways to reduce fuel consumption, labor costs, and delivery/supply times.

Increase Effeciency

Utilizing IoT devices and AI Solutions you greatly enhance safety and performance of your drivers and staff. Our AI Solutions help assist with drive time management, traffic anticipation, routing information, and many other data points. 

Predictive Demand

Citadel Analytics AI Solutions help you better predict demand, truck loads, and staffing needs to increase efficiency and reduce costs and redundancy. By analyzing data patterns from multiple sources you can more precisely manage your operations for a substantial efficiency gain and reduction in operating costs.

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