Overcoming Big Data With Intelligent Solutions

What is Big Data?

Deep Learning is one of the most talked about "buzz words" in the tech world today. It is widely used and very rarely understood. In this section we will try to break down Deep Learning into its most basic form.

The most basic way to understand deep learning is it is a way for computers to try to mimic the human brain. 

The human brain is powered by Neurons. Deep Learning systems are powered by multiple Neural Networks (we call these Artificial Neural Networks to avoid confusing them with the Human Brains Neural Networks).

Deep Learning is so incredibly powerful because it uses dozens, hundreds, or sometimes thousands of independent neural network layers to reach highly accurate intelligent conclusions. These neural networks are all trying to get a better conclusion each time the data is processed. By trying to get a better result and remembering all prior results (something us humans have a very hard time with on occasion) these Deep Learning systems can easily outperform humans on most basic tasks. And by outperform we do not just mean more accurate. We mean faster, more accurate, always improving, no need for rest, no need for vacations, etc. 

We created the 5 minute educational video below for our clients to better understand what Deep Learning is and why it is very powerful for business applications. Deep Learning can literally be the different between a successful company and a bankrupt company.


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