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With Citadel Sales Vision your business gets much more than just marketing. You get the most advanced and profit producing marketing solutions and technologies available. Providing your business with the massive competitive advantage your business needs to grow!

Advanced Real-Time Analytics

Tracking your marketing is a fundamental key to success.

However, many marketers and businesses fail track their marketing properly.

With the advanced marketing solutions we have developed at Citadel Analytics we can provide you with unmatched insights into your marketing performance, customer engagement, and market conditions.

Using these tools we can greatly enhance your ROI. Even on existing marketing campaigns.

Data-Driven Marketing Performance

Data is everything in the digital world we live in. This is especially true for Digital Marketing.

However there is so much data many people and businesses simply get overwhelmed by it.

Citadel Sales Vision helps you make smarter business decisions by analyzing all of your marketing data and other relevant data sets. The analyzed data is then displayed in an easy to read dashboard and report.

By filtering, sorting, and analyzing all of the data with advanced Artificial Intelligence Solutions and Data Mining systems you can gain a significant competitive advantage in virtually any industry.

Highly Targeted Remarketing

Remarketing is one of the most powerful marketing tools in the world - but also one of the most difficult tools to master.

When Remarketing is done correctly it can enhance your ROI by 300% to 500%.

Most businesses struggle with Remarketing however because they lack the proper tools and solutions. Most businesses just try to "Remarket" to everyone - wasting a lot of money int he process.

As a client you will be benefit from our industry leading Remarketing Technology that specifically targets your Remarketing efforts to those customers most likely to buy. Reducing costs and increasing ROI.

Precision Video Advertising

Video Advertising is an incredibly powerful method of getting new customers and expanding your business.

But only when done correctly.

Do you know what videos your best customers are watching?

What ad format works best for them?

What ad format is giving your business the best ROI?

These are all really important questions and metrics to determine. Do not worry however, our Citadel Sales Vision platform will handle all of the heavy lifting for you. Generating you Industry leading ROI returns on your Video Marketing by using powerful Artificial Intelligence solutions.

High Impact Display Advertising

Your business can benefit from Display Advertising by increasing brand exposure, engagement and conversions.

Utilizing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence solutions we can make sure your ads are seen by the best prospects and at the correct time in the sales cycle.

Our Display Advertising solutions keep your products and your brand in the prospects thinking and leads them through your sales process with ease.

STOP wasting money on ads that under-perform. Join Citadel Analytics today and start dominating Digital Advertising.


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