The Future Of Healthcare Has Arrived.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

For Healthcare Operations

There is little doubt that Artificial Intelligence will play a major role in the future of Healthcare around the world. 

Artificial Intelligence is already changing Healthcare in many ways and the rate of adoption is growing rapidly.

Citadel Analytics has developed some of the most powerful and effective A.I. solutions for Healthcare Organizations. Our strong belief is that every solution should be customized for each of our Healthcare Organization Partners.

Our processes enable the fast development and deployment of AI solutions, allowing your organization to unlock the value of AI effortlessly.

Our team of data scientists, programmers, and AI engineers are some of the best in the world and are ready to customize and deploy cutting edge AI solutions for your Healthcare Organization.

What can Artificial Intelligence do for your Healthcare organization?

Here are just some of the Use Cases of our deployed Healthcare AI Solutions

Medical Record Management

Medical Record management is one of the most time consuming and labor intensive aspects in all healthcare organizations. Our custom AI solutions can help optimize, sort, filter, format, and analyze medical records to give your organization the information it needs, when it needs it for the best patient outcomes. By automating the EMR management with AI you can significantly cut costs and reduce EMR errors.

Administrative Workflow Analysis

Healthcare Organizations have some of the most complex workflows and requirements of any industry in the world. Our AI solutions can help optimize your workflow and find where your resources may be optimally deployed. These efficiency gains can reduce operating costs, reduce overhead, and increase patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Billing Automation and Fraud Detection

Reducing errors in claims and increasing accuracy in ICD coding are of paramount importance in the billing process. However, ICD coding errors and inconsistencies between patient records and corresponding claims result in tedious review work for physicians and coders. Our AI solutions help reduce ICD errors at the time of coding and increase the rate of accepted claims - significantly reducing waste.

Patient Assessment and Assistance

EMRs are a vast store of patient data. This data however is often overbearing and cumbersome to analyze and use. To better access and use EMR data we have developed AI solutions to analyze the patients current ailments against their EMR and other patients with similar EMRs to help physicians, nurses, and other medical staff more accurate treat and diagnose patients. This AI assisted diagnoses can drastically increase patient outcomes and reduce risks to the patient as well.

Diagnosis Tools and Medical Assistant

Physicians and nurses spend a massive amount of time doing data entry. Analyzing X-Rays, MRIs, writing reports, charting the patient, etc. The amount of time spent on these tasks can be greatly reduced by deploying our Computer Vision and NLP AI solutions. These solutions can analyze the MRI or X-Ray and write the report for the physician to approve or edit. These solutions can also help nurses chart patients faster and more accurately than before. 

Treatment Optimization

Our treatment optimization solutions utilize the patients own medical information and known outcomes from other patients to assist in a faster and easier recovery than may have been experienced otherwise. We can also combine IoT information from wearables and smart phones to help further improve and customize a treatment and/or recovery plan. These features bring a powerful personalization of treatment to the patient.

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