Powerful AI Solutions Making HR Decisions Better and Faster

Hiring, promoting, and retaining the right people to the right positions is one of the most critical components to business success.

If your company suffers from bad Human Resources decisions it can lower morale, impact customer relationships, and lead to significant performance and profit decreases.

Business owners know that a mistake in hiring can be a nightmare for your business. Hiring errors rank nearly every  year as the top concern for managers across virtually every industry.

So how can your business avoid HR mistakes and make the right decisions?

Meet Citadel Elevate  - Your HR Expert

Citadel Elevate is a custom HR platform using Smart Data and powerful AI Algorithms to help find the right candidates for your job openings.

Our Elevate Platform takes in hundreds of data points about a potential job or promotion candidate and analyzes the data to give your business unmatched insight to how the employee is likely to perform in their role.

By combining the data gathered in your hiring processes with our Citadel Elevate platform you dramatically increase the quality of new hires, reduce wasteful spend, reduce wasted time searching for candidates, and increase HR efficiency - among dozens of additional benefits.



Enhanced Employee and Organizational Performance

Citadel Elevate goes far beyond the hiring stage.

With Citadel Elevate you can enhance or automate many time consuming HR tasks such as:

  • Responsive Onboarding Systems
  • Onboarding Data Gathering Automation (I-9s, W-4s, Employment Agreements, etc)
  • Training Verification and Monitoring
  • Enhanced Training Assistants
  • Compliance, Pay, and Benefits optimization and automation
  • and many more features powered by our AI Platform

Come See How Citadel Elevate Can Revolutionize Your HR