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The world is mobile and your business needs a strong mobile presence to reach your customers more effectively. Put mobile to work for your business and your bottom line today!

Does your business have an app? Can your clients make an appointment easily from their phone? Can your customers easily order products from their phone?

Businesses with a mobile app, even a simple one, have been proven to have higher total sales and higher customer engagement than businesses who do not. The world is mobile - your business needs to be mobile as well!

A Mobile App can benefit your business significantly by:

  • Reaching more customers more often
  • Making it easy for customers to purchase from you
  • Increasing customer engagement
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Lowering customer acquisition costs
  • Expanding customer relationships
  • Significantly increasing returning customer rates

Citadel Analytics will provide your business with a great looking, easy to use, professional Mobile App for iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets.

The Big Benefits Of Mobile Apps - Even For Small Businesses

Increased Visibility

Your customers spend more than 2 hours per day on their phone. 86% of this time is using apps. You can be visible to your potential customers at all times with an app on their phone or tablet!

Direct Marketing

You can provide your customers with all of your business promotions, sales, deals, and information all in one place and in real time! You're marketing directly to your best and most active customers!

Competitive Advantage

Professional mobile apps are still rare - especially with small and mid sized businesses. You can take a big leap over your competitors by providing your customers with a mobile app.

Better Customer Engagement

Make it easy for your customers to reach you. No matter what you sell customer engagement is critical to increasing your sales. Engage with your customers and potential customers more effectively and grow your business with a professional mobile app.

Build Your Brand

A mobile app is like owning real estate in your customers daily life. It has immeasurable value. Every time your customer uses their phone they see your app. Triggering them to remember your business every single day. Grow your brand and increase your business recognition with potential customers. 

Increase Customer Loyalty

An app provides a direct avenue to build better customer loyalty. Noise is every where in the world - we are all very busy these days (or so it seems). With a mobile app your business can have more personal interactions with your customers and potential customers. Being more personal gives your business more chances to convert the user into a paying and happy long term customer!


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Cross-platform App Development

Your App will work on all major devices and platforms. We currently test all of our clients applications on the top 200 devices worldwide. The development tools and solutions we use are compatible with all of them so rest assured your customers will always be able to easily access your app and your business.

Secured App Environment

Security is critical. If your users do not think your app is safe then they will not use it - it is that simple. Citadel Analytics uses industry leading security protocols and encryption technologies to make sure your customers data is safe when using your app. 

Effective Web Development Solutions

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