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Grow Your Business with Data and AI

Our AI and Analytics solutions enable your business to find and master market opportunities like never before.


We make your data your best employee and business asset.

Your business and the modern world run on data. Every decision that is made in the modern world relies on accurate and timely data. Does your business have the best and most timely data? Or does your competitor?

Faster business decisions
Better ROI on business operations
More accurate market assessments
Superior market insights for more competitive advantages

Wonder how much your business can grow with AI & Data?

Our AI experts can help you assess and plan your business needs. Find out how your business can grow with intelligent data solutions.

* We know how valuable your time is. Our time is valuable too. When you request an analysis you will talk with one of our engineers or project leads – not a sales person.


Data + AI + Analytics = Business Growth

Artifical Intelligence

AI is the most powerful technology for business since Electricity. See how this technology can make your business thrive even in the most competitive industries and markets.

Data Analytics

Find the hidden value in your business data to unlock opportunities like never before. Spot opportunities and new profit centers before your competition.

Business Intelligence

Act on business insights with speed and precision to maximize potential and limit business and operational risks while enhancing your bottom line and margins

Data Management

Collecting data is hard. Managing data properly is REALLY hard. Our data management platform enables you to secure and organize data so humans can actually use it.

Our 3 steps to AI & Data Excellence with our clients

All businesses are similar but different. All data is similar but different. There is no “one size fits all” approach to AI and Big Data. 

Our unique approach to integration and development excellence assures our clients can measure results.


Data and Operations Review

Review all existing data collected and operational business goals.

System Integration & Development

Develop and Integrate Customized Soltuions

Deploy, Train, Monitor

Deploy the solution, train key users, and monitor the system extensivly.


Citadel Analytics is a recognized leader in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Bringing our clients high impact solutions that generate immediate business value.

Your business is not "cookie cutter" so why are you using tools designed to be cookie cutter? 

Our innovative solutions and platforms are designed to be fully customizable for your business, your data and your goals.

AI & Big Data are some of the most popular "buzz words" right now. 

Our solutions cut through the hype and deliver actionable results that impact your business.

With over 100 different projects on 4 continents our clients have seen their data shine and provide tremendous value.


Think unique and be innovative. Make a difference with Sandbox.

Ryan Fontaine

AI / ML Developer

Co-Founder of Citadel Analytics with over 15 years of AI experience and 20 years of system design and software engineering.

Megan Fontaine

Lead Project Manager

Co-Founder of Citadel Analytics and former Team Leader at Children's Hospital Dallas - Emergency Room Department.

Nikolas Brooten

Junior Developer

Highly trained and accomplished programmer who is able to integrate with any system.

Jackie Sanders

Junior Developer

5+ years of Big Data development and system design.


Let's put your data to work for your business.